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23 Oct. 2015

There is life after Broadway

Laiona Michelle with play description

According to Imogene Lloyd Webber reporting online for Broadway Buzz, there is life after Broadway for the acclaimed musical, AMAZING GRACE.

Webber’s story continues, despite a short-lived run that will soon come to an end on Broadway, the company of Amazing Grace is set to record a cast album on November 2. Produced and engineered by six-time Grammy winner Frank Filipetti, the album will drop in January, 2016 on DMI Soundtracks. Amazing Grace is based on the true story behind the beloved song. A tale of romance, rebellion and redemption, the show follows one man whose incredible journey ignited a historic wave of change that gave birth to the abolitionist movement. John Newton (Young), a willful and musically talented young Englishman, faces a future as uncertain as the turning tide. Coming of age as Britain sits atop an international empire of slavery, he finds himself torn between following in the footsteps of his father—a slave trader—and embracing the more compassionate views of his childhood sweetheart (Mackey). Laiona Michelle Broadway Actress

The cast includes Tom Hewitt, Chris Hoch, Harriett D. Foy, Laiona Michelle, Rachael Ferrera and Elizabeth Ward Land. A national tour of the production is being planned; further details will be announced later.

Talk2SV will keep you informed as updates occur.

I sat with Laiona Michelle, one of the stars of AMAZING GRACE, to discuss her role as “Nanna.” A link to our conversation follows—


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