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17 Feb. 2015

This emperor’s reign is a modern music domain

Lee Daniels knows something about building an empire.   Since his bold foray into storytelling some 14 years ago, steeped in rich and boundless terrain of archetypical characters—sometimes heroic, sometimes cautionary–this courageous and strident producer, writer and director is perched atop one of TV’s most watched primetime dramas.   Empire, FOX TV’s Wednesday night ratings […]

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16 Sep. 2013

PRISONERS, arresting and powerful drama

An annual Thanksgiving gathering with the Birch and Dover families’ proved to be a nightmare neither family would forget.  Relaxing at the home of neighborhood friends, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is a proud yet underemployed husband and father of two, doing what he thinks is best to support them. Deciding to leave their troubles aside […]

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16 Jun. 2013

Wild with Happy, now through June 30

Colman Domingo is wild about life and happy with his choices The San Francisco Bay Area has long celebrated the unforgettable theatrical performances of Colman Domingo. In recent years, he starred off-Broadway in the 2012 revival of Athol Fugard’s Blood Knot, directed by the author. He was nominated for a 2011 Tony Award for Best […]

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26 Jan. 2013

Rusty Cundieff talks “Movie 43″

MOVIE 43 is touted as one of the most irreverent films of any kind, this equal opportunity offender, a comedy with some 12 directors, nine writers and a gang of producers plus an impressive cast too long to list. I spoke with one of the daring dozen, filmmaker Rusty Cundieff (Sprung, Tales from the Hood, […]

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