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23 Apr. 2014

“Housewives” doctor keynotes SF breast cancer conference

The Stanford Cancer Institute’s (SCI) Community Partnership Program (CPP), will host its’ annual breast cancer education and advocacy program uniquely designed to address breast cancer disparities in African American populations in the Greater SF Bay Area and surrounding communities. The 3rd Annual Conference: Breast Cancer & African Americans (BCAA) will be held on Saturday, May […]

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22 Apr. 2014

57th SF Intl Film Fest honors Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons, one of world cinema’s most compelling and engaging actors, will be the recipient of the Peter J. Owens Award for excellence in acting at the 57th San Francisco International Film Festival (April 24 – May 8).The Film Society and its year-round exhibition, education and filmmaker services programs will be the beneficiary of the star-studded fundraiser honoring […]

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22 Nov. 2013

Porgy and Bess, alluring!

Country boy meets city girl but girl already has a man. Boy is lonely and no match for girl’s man. Man does girl wrong, boy rescues girl, new love and a better life begin. Time passes, girl tempted by man, succumbs to man’s evil, throbbing allure. Man is murdered; boy is blamed, as he should be. Community […]

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31 Jul. 2013

Haute Couture Designer Colleen Quen talks Fashion On The Square

Video interview with Colleen Quen   Fashion On The Square is the largest and longest running fashion show on the West Coast, and the most sought after show in San Francisco.  This year, Colleen Quen, San Francisco’s beloved couture designer, will be showing a retrospect collection that covers her 15 years in the fashion […]

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30 Jul. 2013

Fashion On The Square’s Y’Anad Burrell

Video interview at   Y’Anad Burrell has turned San Francisco into a high-end runway destination with the annual Fashion On The Square event. The 9th Annual Fashion On The Square (FOTS), a charity fundraising show benefiting FOTS+TheAtrs, hits the runway August 18, 2013, 5:00 pm at the Intercontinental Hotel, 888 Howard Street, San Francisco, California […]

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12 Jul. 2013

PACIFIC RIM is a monster fest!

Strong male personalities cast in “do or die” dilemmas will always have a home at Legendary Pictures which has brought you a string of successful films including: “42” starring Chadwick Boseman as baseball great Jackie Robinson; “300” starring Gerard Butler as King Leonidas; “The Dark Knight” Batman franchise with Morgan Freeman; “The Hangover” franchise with […]

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03 Jul. 2013

In a Daughter’s Eyes Premieres at SF Brava Theatre

  West Coast Premiere of In A Daughter’s Eyes, a new play by A. Zell Williams with Britney Frazier and Lisa Porter, directed by Edris Cooper –Anifowoshe Produced by Brava! For Women in the Arts and Black Artists Contemporary Cultural Experience, Brava Theater Center, 2781-24th Street at York, San Francisco, CA 94110 June 29– July […]

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12 Apr. 2013

“The Bereaved” is anything but grief!

Recently introduced to the works of Thomas Bradshaw, my jaw dropped.  As I looked further into his celebrated portfolio, I discovered that he is poised to be Oprah’s next best thing, negotiating a deal with the Harpo TV maven. Winfrey has designs to bring Bradshaw’s plays from the theater to HBO. I’ve read several of […]

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25 Mar. 2013

JERSEY BOYS’ Justin Lonesome

“JERSEY BOYS” gives hope to those who love to sing! A lesson in perseverance led to a path of victory for a determined young man It’s just good to bob your head, clap your hands and sing along with the sounds of yesteryear that bring back treasured memories.  This is the experience I recently enjoyed […]

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