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26 Sep. 2016

New movie seeks to “get out the vote”

FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES announces in-theatre Voter Registration Initiative for release of ‘THE BIRTH OF A NATION’ To support National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, Fox Searchlight Pictures will be launching a Nationwide Voter Registration initiative to encourage Americans to register to vote. Fox Searchlight has aligned with theater chains and voting partners, […]

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23 Aug. 2016

Obamas’ love potion on film, first date chemistry, gets smiles on GMA

The much anticipated film that tells the beginning love story of US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hits theaters August 26. Inspired by accounts of the first couple’s first date, Richard Tanne’s romantic and intimate directorial debut Southside With You brings audiences along for the ride as charming first-year law associate Barack […]

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12 Apr. 2016

Barbershop, the three-peat

The gang reunites for a third time at Calvin’s famed Chicago barbershop and the next haircut is the least of it. Ice Cube (Calvin) returns along with Cedric the Entertainer (Eddie) to trim edges, sweep up mess and solve the neighborhood problems as best they know how. There are also a few new faces on […]

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27 Oct. 2015

Bullock, Mackie talk politics in new film– OUR BRAND IS CRISIS

Political campaigns make intriguing feature films.   Movies such as All the President’s Men, Wag the Dog, The Manchurian Candidate, Dave, Milk, The American President, JFK, Primary Colors, among others—all present an aspect of the electoral construct in the US that confounds even the most politically astute.   In today’s climate of social media discourse, […]

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01 Oct. 2014

Jeremy Renner Q&A, discusses intriguing character-driven role

KILL THE MESSENGER will keep you thinking. Directed by Michael Cuesta (TV’s Homeland), this startling investigation spearheaded mostly by a lone journalist was trumped by the Monica Lewinsky proceedings in the mid 1990’s. Now, it opens in theaters nationwide, October 10. Two-time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner (“The Bourne Legacy”) leads an all-star cast in […]

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01 Oct. 2013

CNN’s CROSSFIRE, California perspective

Van Jones seems an unlikely persona to be the new co-host of the historic return of CNN’s CROSSFIRE, previously the longest running political debate program on television. Chiefly, the Yale-educated attorney built a career in the leftmost part of our country’s body politic– spending considerable time in northern California– particularly the Bay Area. According to […]

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