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29 Nov. 2015

Have you seen DISGRACED?

We live in a post-racial society as is thought and stated by the millennial sect, but, is it all talk with limited reality?  Is this a dream yet to be fulfilled, a reflection of progress made when ethnic identities are viewed as a plus rather than a minus?  From pulpits to podiums in various iterations, […]

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14 Nov. 2014

BEYOND THE LIGHTS, see it because…

Reasons: It’s entertaining with a compelling story bed and sexy romantic arc; you can feel the passion Beautifully shot, the scenes pull you into the setting; I actually felt I attended a concert Convincing cast; never did I think Gugu Mbatha-Raw could transpose her character vault from the innocent “Belle” to “Noni” as a Tina […]

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26 Oct. 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s transformation

You may never be the same after seeing the new movie, 12 Years A Slave, based on a true story about a free black man, Solomon Northup, tricked into slavery in the 1800’s. Yes, the story is overwhelming but the bravery and tenacity displayed by Northup delivered via an amazing portrayal by Chiwetel Ejiofor ushered […]

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