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15 Sep. 2016

In Conversation—Hillsong Band transforms through worship

The world is pleading for harmony in mass proportion–GOD is answering that prayer through the transformative power of a group of friends, teenagers who met at their church’s youth group a number of years ago, now heralded around the globe. The music of Hillsong UNITED, born out of Sydney Australia’s Hillsong Church takes center stage […]

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06 Oct. 2014

The Charismatic Michael K. Williams

Michael K. Williams enters a room with confidence even when he’s been detained by New York City traffic.  Running a bit late for roundtable interviews to discuss his role in the new film, KILL THE MESSENGER, alongside two-time Oscar nominee, Jeremy Renner, Williams exhaled and delivered. MESSENGER is the story of a dogged investigative reporter, […]

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10 Sep. 2014

Chris Rock doing big things…again

Just announced, Paramount Pictures will distribute writer / director Chris Rock’s “TOP FIVE” worldwide, following rave reviews at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Producer Scott Rudin along with partner Barry Diller and Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures explained, “Chris and I go back decades, both personally and professionally.  I am particularly […]

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08 May. 2013

The Greats: DiCaprio, Lurhmann, Maguire and Jay-Z!

Leonardo DiCaprio (Catch Me If You Can, Titanic, Django: Unchained, J. Edgar), was born to be a matinee idol.  His dashing good looks, charm, intelligence and smooth sex appeal serve his new movie quite well: THE GREAT GATSBY, one of America’s beloved fabled, self-made millionaires of the roaring 20s. The parties were lavish; the guests […]

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