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09 Oct. 2016

Scents and Seasons

Scents and Seasons: classic, trendy, in vogue Oftentimes a woman wants a fragrance to match the current season—California, in particular, has an extended solstice period giving way to scents that crossover from summer to fall. Presently, as we enjoy October, weather patterns have varied slightly from temperatures that range in the 70s, 80s and 90s. […]

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02 May. 2016

Mothers are first!

Several years ago, we learned that First Lady Michelle Obama is quite fond of Creed’s Love in White–now we know why! All of the Creed fragrances are created with the infusion technique, now abandoned by modern industry—in other words, only the purest essence of great quality are used.  Only the best for mom on Mother’s […]

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