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09 Oct. 2016

Scents and Seasons

Scents and Seasons: classic, trendy, in vogue Oftentimes a woman wants a fragrance to match the current season—California, in particular, has an extended solstice period giving way to scents that crossover from summer to fall. Presently, as we enjoy October, weather patterns have varied slightly from temperatures that range in the 70s, 80s and 90s. […]

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19 Apr. 2016

Fragrance Memories for Mom

A favorite childhood memory remains my mother’s scent when we ran into her arms for a big loving hug; the waft of her fragrance as she walked by, the aroma in her handkerchief drawer where she stored precious keepsakes. And, in talks with others, it seems we share that same memory–thus our tribute to mothers […]

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