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13 Nov. 2013

Best Man Holiday’s newest couple

Nia Long

Nia Long

The sexy and sophisticated holiday film, BEST MAN HOLIDAY, opens November 15th from Universal Pictures.  When we last caught up with Jordan (Nia Long) in THE BEST MAN, she was successful in business but sad on the love front.  Hence, some 15 years later, times have changed and so

Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

has Jordan.

I sat with Long (Boyz in the Hood, Love Jones, Alfie) and Eddie Cibrian (TV’s For Better or Worse, CSI:Miami, Hot in Cleveland) to discuss their roles in Malcolm D. Lee’s BEST MAN HOLIDAY–

On the widespread anticipation of the sequel–

“I think we all have a desire to revisit these characters because they are so familiar to so many audience members. What too is wonderful is our built in audience as well as the newer, younger audience that have come on board.  In the sequel, the things that happen in the movie are sort of the process that life naturally takes. Malcolm Lee has an amazing way of developing– giving each of the characters that one little thing that makes them memorable so they are all very unique.  When we read the script, we liked the story, we thought it was different, I don’t think anyone is going to expect what happens, and, I got a boyfriend this time around.”

The responsibility you felt this time around in recreating this beloved cast–

Long as "Jordan" and Cibrian as "Brian" in Malcolm D. Lee's BEST MAN HOLIDAY

Long as “Jordan” and Cibrian as “Brian” in Malcolm D. Lee’s BEST MAN HOLIDAY

“I think staying true to the character, Jordan, but also deciding what areas that she needed growth. She’s accomplished everything she wanted to accomplish in her career, often times you see a person who has an amazing career but the personal life suffers. I also think through the journey of this film Jordan really does discover that both—love and success– are equally as important and that’s where the guy with the cute dimples comes in, Eddie Cibrian.  Eddie’s character, Brian, encourages Jordan’s emotional vulnerability, in a good way.”

Cibrian adds, “For me, honestly it was just being the new guy. I didn’t want to mess up this great chemistry that this cast has, you know.  I had an unbelievable time filming this movie. I didn’t really feel like an outsider at all. I think that’s one of the things that when this whole thing came about we had to basically sell this movie to Universal.  We had a table read and Malcolm invited me to participate just to see if I had some chemistry with the cast.  After the table read, he’s like, ‘man you fit right in and that’s exactly what I’m looking for with Brian, somebody who can feel comfortable in different environments.’ Feel that he belongs no matter what the environment is. He told me that he got that feeling from me right away. So, filming the movie was a piece of cake that in that way for me and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

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