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07 Aug. 2013

Aniston bares all in new film, gets big laughs

Jennifer Aniston goes undercover, so to speak, as Rose the stripper in the new comedy, WE'RE THE MILLERS

Jennifer Aniston goes undercover, so to speak, as Rose the stripper in the new comedy, WE’RE THE MILLERS

I was ready for a good laugh and WE’RE THE MILLERS lived up to my expectations. Jason Sudeikis (longtime alum of NBC’s Saturday Night) and Jennifer Aniston (forever beloved for TV’s Friends) lead us down a riotous road delivering an uproarious, unpredictable ditty about a family-of-convenience, set out to smuggle drugs across the border of Mexico.  The premise– highly inconceivable, for sure unthinkable but, the magic of storytelling made it believable.  The payoff is worth two hours of suspended belief. We're the Millers 5


David Clark (Sudeikis) is a small time pot dealer whose clientele includes chefs and soccer moms, but no kids—after all, he has his scruples.  So what could go wrong? You name it.  Preferring to keep a low profile for obvious reasons, he learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished when he tries to help out some local teens and winds up getting jumped by street thugs who steal his stash, leaving him in major debt to his dealer, Brad (Ed Helms of NBC’s The Office and The Hangover movie franchise).

David has to make things right with his supplier and agrees to bring a shipment of drugs across the border.  What he doesn’t know is

Luis Guzman (center), as a fun-seeking highway patrolman, costars in WE'RE THE MILLERS

Luis Guzman (center), as a fun-seeking highway patrolman, costars in WE’RE THE MILLERS

that he’s being double-crossed and the impending danger is a back-and-forth dance between soul-searching convictions and butt-saving maneuvers.

The cast met to talk about WE’RE THE MILLERS during a press conference in New York’s posh Soho district at the elegantly chic Crosby Street Hotel.

Following in an excerpt of that meeting–

You had to be in tip-top shape for your character, Rose, a professional stripper.  How did you prepare?

Jennifer Aniston:  No secrets, no tips…just amazing choreography, beautiful cinematography and a rigid workout routine. I ate a lot of celery, a lot of salads, lots of cucumbers, ice chips; they did let me eat ice chips, and I drank water, no carbs. As for the personality of my character, there wasn’t much improvisation; we really stuck to the script.

It takes quite a bit of confidence to pull of the role of a stripper, particularly when you have been viewed as an American sweetheart for years…

Aniston:  I just had to do it. They rolled the cameras and I just had to bite the bullet. It was a little uncomfortable at first but then you get somewhat used to it, mostly, doing all the rehearsals alone.  Then all of a sudden you’re on the set and there are three cameras and a bunch of crew…yeah, it’s a little intimidating at first.

Jason Sudeikis plays a small time drug dealer in WE'RE THE MILLERS

Jason Sudeikis plays a small time drug dealer in WE’RE THE MILLERS

Your character seemed to have a chip on her shoulder, was that intentional to give her an edge?

Aniston: She’s an angry stripper; I think she’s a sad stripper who has sort of built up this tough exterior from being disappointed many times throughout her life and making some bad choices and experienced some bad men.  To help with the dance moves, I gave her a back story of being a classically trained dancer at one point who didn’t quite make it, obviously.  But the rage, I don’t think of it as such; I think rage is sadness turned outward.  I was just really pretending. My character was just very hardened, not so much full of rage.

And that was the fun part. We were thrown together as a family to pull off this smuggling arrangement. The attitude we kind of had toward each other at the beginning needed to be convincing so it appeared that I couldn’t stand Jason’s character.

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