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13 Feb. 2014

About Last Night’s Joy Bryant

About Last Night, Bryant & Ealy poster

Joy Bryant

Joy Bryant

New movie “About Last Night” begs the question, To Love or Not to Love



Joy Bryant (TV’s Parenthood, ANTWONE FISHER, THE SKELETON KEY) is a triple threat: film, television and the fashion runway have served her well, equally.  In ABOUT LAST NIGHT, the remake of a 1980s love story, Bryant is cast as “Debbie,” a forlorn single lady who has given up on love, almost.

Encouraged to give it one more try, Debbie’s expansive dinner conversation with a new acquaintance, Danny (Michael Ealy), turns into an extended first date escapade, obstacles beware.  Lust has a way of putting reality on hold until the unavoidable can no longer be denied–what love has to do with it hangs in the balance–both have been burned by past relationships.

Conversely, best friend, Joan (Regina Hall) is having a whale of a good time with her new passion interest, Bernie (Kevin Hart), both appearing a suitable match for each other. No commitment, no hassles, no limits.  Their encounters are quite creative falling outside the normal flow of romance.

Who’s to say what’s right or what’s wrong?

In a side-splitting adult comedy that leaves no stone unturned, ABOUT LAST NIGHT is the movie you’ve been waiting for, in theaters Valentine’s Day from Screen Gems, producer Will Packer (RIDE ALONG, TAKERS, THINK LIKE A MAN film franchise), directed by Steve Pink (HOT TUB MACHINE).

I sat with cast members in Los Angeles to discuss ABOUT LAST NIGHT; following is an excerpt from my conversation with Joy Bryant —

Sandra Varner/Talk2SV: You’ve had the opportunity to act in comedic and well as dramatic roles; this movie is a balanced blend of both. It’s not hokey, the characters are vulnerable and their dilemmas feel real.  What’s your take?

Bryant: I think what’s real to me is how it portrays the natural trajectory of relationships, whether they work out or not, most of the time they don’t work out, right. Typically, the initial meeting someone is very hard to do–to be your authentic self when you meet somebody and to remain true to self– because we’re never our authentic selves when we meet people. If you fall in love or like or you think its love but it might not be, you’re in it and everything is great. Then the honeymoon is over and you’re like, ‘I hate him, I hate her!’ A while passes then you’re like, ‘I want her back, I want him back.’ I mean, it’s like the natural evolution of a relationship so that’s what I really responded to with this script.

Relationships are hard, it’s hard work…being married, I realized that truth more than when I was single. When you’re single you want to be in a relationship. I was such a love thirsty person, um, but it’s a commitment. Whether you’re married or not or it’s just someone, your boyfriend… it’s still a commitment and it shows you a lot about yourself, your capacity to be selfless and selfish. Relationships are hard work and not for the faint of heart. If you’re not really trying to be down and get in there, don’t do it; although I feel everyone should.

I think people underestimate the importance of what you have to do to maintain a relationship, to nurture it and even then, after you do everything, it still might not work, that’s the chance in it. I mean, that’s the sort of bitter sweet chance that we take. It might not work; chances are it’s not going to work. I think Debbie exemplifies that whole scenario of, why am I going to try if it’s not going to work?

I don’t know who said it originally, I just remember Houdini… it’s better than to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. That song should have been on this film’s soundtrack.

Talk2SV: How long have you been married?

Bryant: I’ll be married six years this June.

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