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21 Apr. 2014

The eyes have it! New Face of 50 plus




Entrepreneur, fashion legend, supermodel Iman is a classic, iconic image of beauty and has been for decades–her look is timeless.

Before she graced international runways, we looked to the beautiful women we knew among us.

When I was growing up in a small community, all of the older women seemed close in age–an abstract, indiscernible number that had no Iman Cosmetics 1bearing, or so I thought—many of those ladies from my youth were the same age or younger than I am right now.   To me, they were beautiful, especially when they wore makeup or extra perfume and high heels. I assumed I’d grow up to do the same following their example. Well, more or less I have, given my fondness for wearing makeup frequently.

Nothing delights me more than a new lipstick, fragrance or eye color—buying them makes me giddy—wearing them makes me happy.  Any unsolicited compliments make the effort worthwhile and affirm my delight.

Times change and so do appearances but the way we approach our changing lives should always reflect tasteful attire and makeup.  It’s quite easy to get caught up in the current trends presented in popular culture, on TV shows, in movies, magazines, on the fashion runway and such but, one should know what look works best for them. Never hurts to seek out advice particularly when you want to try something different.

IMAN's Eye Con Kit

IMAN’s Eye Con Kit

That’s what we are attempting to do within this article. We want to provide first account, hands on experience with new products that enhance “the new face of 50 and beyond” from colors, makeup, fragrances, beauty advice, comfort wear, accessories and more.  We have sampled the following and here’s what we found:

The IMAN Cosmetics line is nearly flawless in several ways.  First, the color match in foundation and related products is seamless along with items for concealing trouble areas, e.g. below the eyes and above the chin.  Specifically, IMAN’s Skin Tone Evener BB Crème with SPF 15 and CC Correct & Cover Powder to Crème Concealer, we found quite effective.

What may be sheer genius in application and design is the new, on-the-go, makeup palette of four eye shadow trios with a near fool-proof technique.  Chiefly, the palette comes with a “how-to” insert– showing you, spelling out to you, how to apply each trio– taking away any intimidation or second-guessing.  Even the eye pencils (that are included) are by comparison a noticeable difference from others used in times past.  Having tried each trio, we have found this to be a proven method for applying this product and, the compliments flowed time after time.

Iman Cosmetics 4

We fell head over heels in love with new lipstick colors “Hot” and “Flirtatious” with “Kinky Pink” running close behind, all creamy, luscious and long-lasting.  Bold and brilliant, these colors can also be offset with a subtle bronze overlay when you want to subdue the “pop” a bit.

Conclusively, our experience with the IMAN Cosmetics items that are featured received very high marks.

Lastly, we are trying contouring and re-sculpting eye and face creams from VICHY Laboratories…so far, so good. We’ll keep you posted. Whether you are approaching 50, past 50 or well beyond, beauty knows no age.



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