10 Points about A QUESTION OF FAITH

Even the strongest Christian will question their faith when put to insurmountable tests. And, while uncertainty is human, it is also a platform to take God at his word, to trust him even when resolute faith is challenged. The new movie, A QUESTION OF FAITH, gives numerous reasons to put your faith to the test.

Following a recent Los Angeles premiere, where over 500 hundred attended the star studded event at the Regal 14 Cinema L.A. LIVE, an audience at rapt attention became transfixed during the telling of three families’ tragic stories that created a forever bond between unlikely adversaries. The power of faith came to their rescue.

Here are my reasons for you to see, A QUESTION OF FAITH, in theaters September 29.

1) Richard T. Jones (“The wWood,” “G,” Tyler Perry’s “Why

Richard T. Jones stars in A QUESTION OF FAITH

Did I Get Married 1 & 2”) continues to surprise with roles that showcase his range and abilities


Kim Fields stars in A QUESTION OF FAITH

2) Kim Fields (TV’s “The Facts of Life,” “Living Single,” “Real Housewives of Atlanta”) gave a 360-degree portrayal as the loyal pastor’s wife, seemingly shielded from devastation with a Teflon coating; however, when her guard comes down, she became human. It is a compelling arc for the character’s transformation

3) Gregory Alan Williams (“Geostorm,” “Hidden Figures,”

Gregory Alan Williams costars in A QUESTION OF FAITH

OWN’s “Greenleaf”) astounds—he can vex you in one minute and beguile you in another, all the while mastering an aura of nobility, truly an actor’s actor

C. Thomas Howell costars in A QUESTION OF FAITH

4) From the minute we saw C. Thomas Howell (in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial some 35 years ago) he maintains an indelible presence


5) Appreciation for the filmmakers (Producers Angela White

Angela White – Producer of A QUESTION OF FAITH

and Lisa D. Washington, Kevan Otto – Director, Silver Lining Entertainment, Pure Flix Entertainment) that didn’t use hype or salaciousness to tell a good family drama—this is a movie the whole family can watch, TOGETHER

6) An honest representation of multiculturalism, there is something for everyone

7) Powerful messages are presented throughout avoiding a preachy or dictatorial bent

8) We see a celebration of faith actualized not just talked about

9) A complementary music score that feels appropriate including one of my all time favorite songs, THANK YOU (the late Bishop Walter Hawkins)

10) The movie runs 94 minutes accomplishing everything you need in a film without dragging on too long

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